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All Round Development

Total Readiness When Kids Graduate from SRIS. Ready for Formal Schools and Beyond.

Often, kindergarten teachers from formal schools tell us that they know which children came from SRIS graduated programs, as they tend to outperform other children at admission interviews for Nursery, KG and Grade One and are better prepared socially, as well as academically. Nothing makes us more proud.

While other pre schools use off-the-shelf, dated lesson plans, SRIS Centers raises the bar with custom lesson plans supported by over 4 years of innovation in early childhood education. Our very own R&D curriculum team, help SRIS to present activities in ways that create the best learning opportunity. For example, during art lessons, children self-select a project and their materials. This way, children learn to make choices and take responsibility for their work – further igniting creativity. Moreover, children create their own picture instead of “filling in the lines” of a coloring book.

SRIS plays an important role as your child’s door opener–in school and in life. Here’s how we develop your child:

English Language Development

English conversation is an important part of your child’s personality. At SRIS we focus on developing the child’s habit of speaking confidently in English.

Cognitive Development in the areas of Math, Science and Social Studies

We develop the basic intelligence of the child with the help of blocks, mazes, and puzzles. This enhances the power of reasoning and logic. Your child is introduced to various scientific facts for e.g. how things float experiments on air and water. This develops a scientific attitude in your child. Concepts related to the natural, physical & social environment for e.g. their family, animals, fruits and vegetables etc and projects- Life-size models on subjects like seasons, transport etc. make learning a joyful and realistic experience. Plus, a fully-equipped computer lab with a huge software library to develop various skills likes memory, observation and logical thinking. It also enhances the child’s knowledge about the environment to a great extent.

Socio-Emotional Development

Our personal development curriculum encourages your child to better interact with peers, make friends, respect the teacher, follow classroom rules and routines and settle disputes in a calm manner.

Physical Development

At the SRIS Centre’s, we have a standards based physical education & sports curriculum where age appropriate props and sports equipment is used to deliver the curriculum. Focus is on sports activities, outdoor assembly with music and dance activities, mini tennis, skating, martial arts, fine motor skills that lead to successful writing, self-help skills like eating, changing clothes, that ensure necessary independence, and basic health and fitness activities. Fitness/ Skills assessment report of each child is given at the PTM meetings.

Creativity and the Arts

Our children engage in open-ended, creative and unique art, craft, drawing, painting and pottery activities, which foster self-expression and success in other developmental areas. A variety of visual and tactile activities, as well as music and dramatic play, help children develop spatial, reasoning and communication skills along with fine motor skills.

The lessons and activities your child’s teacher implements in the classroom allow your child to learn at his own pace and move forward when he is ready.

Kids of Character

The Kids of Character Program is incorporated into Preschool, Nursery, and Kindergarten curricula. This unique program offers fun and meaningful ways for your child to develop positive character traits, which will lead to a lifetime of success. The program has over 250 character development activities and areas of focus. A different character trait is reviewed each month of the school year.


What best of the best means for your child

  • Professionally run day care , preschool care center
  • Tie-Up with nurses, pediatrician, nutritionist to ensure utmost care and well-being
  • Gold standards implemented from America’s leading accreditation authority and corporate tie up partners on health, safety, protection, infectious diseases, food facilities, transportation and staffing.
  • Syllabus drawn from the best curricular activities.
  • Future prospects: graduating students accepted at an exceptional list of formal schools.
  • Smaller teacher child ratios, more personal attention (maids/caregivers are not a part of this ratio)

Curriculum R&D

The Indian Early Childhood Education field is rapidly changing as more and more is understood about how children learn. We are committed to constantly updating our programs to keep pace with the ever-changing experiences your child will have in SRIS by incorporating the latest research into a fresh approach to teaching and learning that is both practical and cutting-edge.

Here in Odisha, SRIS leads the industry. Each curriculum is created by our own Education Department experts, who bring decades of experience in formal graduate work, teaching and developing curriculum. In addition, we speak and participate in various workshops relates to Early Care and Education, consult outside experts in early childhood education and published material from nationally and global recognized sources, including:

  • Educators at Internal SRIS Team
  • Teaching Strategies Creative Curriculum
  • Follow Multiple Intelligence Method of teaching
  • Talking pen from Grolier International
  • Scholastic’s Kindergarten Place Reading Program
  • Everyday Mathematics Program
  • Handwriting Programs
  • Science Programs
  • Mini dictionary to improve the word power

We have professionals working religiously in the US and internally at SRIS in planning a scientific curriculum; designing innovative, more effective teaching methods; exploring and creating new and better teaching aids. The children are groomed under the SRIS QUALITY EDUCATION SYSTEM designed by the R&D team.

The Goals of Our Curriculum

Do you want your child to…?

  • Get along with others?
  • Do well in formal school?
  • Become a good reader?
  • Solve math problems?
  • Speak and write well?
  • Be creative?
  • Make decisions?
  • Develop physical skills?
  • Have good study habits?
  • Be self-confident and respectful?
  • Enjoy learning?
  • Join the BEST formal school?


The Patience to Foster Enormous Growth

SRIS is dedicated to supporting teacher growth as a professional. Our professional development resources are designed to meet ever-changing needs, whether a teacher is looking to hone classroom skills or a curriculum coordinator with an eye toward building capacity. Our practical guidance and partnership with experienced educators from Teaching Strategies, a gold standards and premium curriculum company in early childhood education is put to use immediately.

Our professional development resources honor and respect all educators. Whatever experience level, SRIS professional development supports teachers with opportunities that focus on hot topics in early childhood education. Our teacher training is available in SRIS on-site sessions and video resources.

Our curriculum supports teachers at all levels (from the beginning teachers to the most experienced and skilled) and also encourages sensitivity to different cultural settings

Below is the knowledge given to support teachers as they need to learn, know, and do the following activities across any SRIS centre.