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Solutions : Emergency Back-up Child Care for Employees

Your SRIS Emergency Back Up Care programs provide employees with a safety net for those days when regular arrangements fall through. Back-up care supplements, rather than replaces, normal care arrangements and is a comforting emergency alternative when you need it the most. Your SRIS programs offer emergency back-up care for ages 3 years and above, and children with special needs.

Your SRIS Emergency Back Up Care programs are provided most often through employers who sponsor care for their employees with dependent care needs. We also provide emergency back-up care to the community at our cild care centre if space is available.

Employer-Sponsored Program Options

If your employer sponsors an emergency back-up care program, you may have access to a variety of back-up care solutions, depending on the programs in which your employer participates.

Emergency Back-up Care Centres

Centre-based back-up child care programs provide employees of participating companies with access to specific child care centres for their back-up care needs. These programs are delivered within Your SRIS childcare centres that have been designed and are managed to provide high-quality back-up care. Many of these programs occur within back-up environments with staff specially trained in back-up child care. To learn whether your company participates in a dedicated back-up child care program, contact your human resources, benefits, or work/life department.

Emergency Back-up Care Program

SRIS Emergency Back Up Care provides access to back-up care for children — both well and mildly ill. Participants may access our network of quality child care centre with standards set by your corporate. If your organization offers this program and you would like to register, please call.

What Options Are Available to You?

If you need help determining what programs you have access to, contact your human resources, benefits, or work/life department. You may also email to reach our parent service associate who can assist you in understanding your back-up care options and register with your program of choice.

If you do not have access to back-up child care though your employer, click here for information on SRIS centres that are open to members of the community. These centres will be able to accommodate requests for emergency back-up care. To obtain information on availability and tuition for back-up or drop-in care please contact the centre directly.

Registration and Enrollment Procedures for Emergency/Back-up Care

All families in need of emergency/back-up care will pre-register children week prior or one day before to the date the services are needed.

A schedule of anticipated time needed for service should be submitted at this time.

Each child will be expected to have an updated medical history and current physical examination on file.

An appointment should be made to visit the center for orientation and familiarization with the center’s infrastructure, policies and procedures as well as an introduction to the staff prior to using the emergency/back-up care.

Hours of Operation: 8:00 am – 19:30 pm

2 main meal and 2 snacks (AM/PM)

Age-appropriate daily activity schedule accommodating all children’s developmental and academic needs.

Payment for Emergency / Back-Up Care

There will be a daily rate for one to four (1-4) days of service and monthly rate for five (5) or more days.