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Our focus is key to our success. We understand how to work with organizations to ensure that we create programs to meet their needs. Independent studies of our services have indicated that our workplace child care programs can pay for themselves in one to three years by reducing turnover and absenteeism, not counting the many qualitative benefits, such as enhanced morale.

About SRIS employer-sponsored child care

We would like to offer child care to our employees

Where do we start?

The first thing to consider is how the decision is likely to be viewed internally. Is child care already part of your organization’s culture, or will you be raising the issue for the first time? If you have never approached HR or senior management before on this topic, you may want to pull together some relevant statistics and benchmarking information to assist you in making the business case. The SRIS Corporate Services Department can help you determine whether work-site child care is a good idea for your organization, compare your work/life strategy with those of other organizations, or measure the return on investment of your existing program.

What kinds of companies does SRIS partner with?

SRIS partners with companies of all sizes, representing a diverse array of industries or larger lifestyle apartments throughout every part of Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Berhampur and Rourkela. Our client partners range from organizations of a few hundred employees to tens of thousands. Our clients include multinational corporations,iT Companies, Banks, Hotels, large law firms, universities and local nonprofit agencies, and hospitals, high-tech and manufacturing companies, railroads and agricultural cooperatives.

We already have a child care centre. What can SRIS do for us?

If you are looking for an objective evaluation of all areas of your child care program, our Corporate Services Team can prepare an Effectiveness Assessment Report on your program operations. Consultants will review the curriculum and quality of your program, the center policies and procedures, the cost-effectiveness of the centre’s operational program, and the return on investment your organization is receiving from the program. Our report will help you understand both the strengths and weaknesses of the program and will include recommendations for how to address these issues. If you are considering outsourcing the management of your child care centre, we will work with you to review your current program and develop an appropriate contract arrangement for you to consider. A strategic partnership with SRIS will allow your organization to maintain appropriate control over its child care programs without the day-to-day operating responsibility or liability. SRIS would work with you to ensure a smooth transition and maintain the individuality of the current program, but augment the centre’s success by providing our resources and expertise to further develop the centre into a truly world-class program.

What kinds of child care services can we provide to our employees?

SRIS offers a wide array of child care services. Our Corporate Services Team conducts child care needs assessments and feasibility studies. Our partnerships with employers include extended day care service centres, and on-site, near-site, and consortium arrangements. We also offer a full range of emergency back-up services. Our Network Access Program provides multisite employers with a child care response that provides access to quality care throughout the cities. We also offer a variety of ancillary services, including after school care, Summer Camps, Holiday Camps Programs.

What determines how much it will cost?

There is not a simple formula to identify the start-up costs and ongoing operating support that a centre will require. With respect to centre start-up, the availability of space to be renovated, the amount of space to be provided per child, and the level of finish are all key factors.

With respect to centre operations, the fees to be charged to parents, the hours of operation, and the ratios of teachers to children are fundamental variables. As SRIS learns more about your employees and your goals, we will be better able to identify the costs associated with a child care centre that meets your specific needs.

What sort of a return on investment can we expect?

Return on investment is measured primarily by three criteria: absenteeism, retention, and productivity. These quantitative measures vary depending on an organization’s individual key variables such as population base, average salary, the cost of recruiting new employees, and the number of employee days lost per year as a result of child care.

In addition, non-quantitative measures, while more difficult to justify in a traditional ROI formula, also further the case for child care investment. Increased feelings of loyalty by employees to an organization can be translated into retention of staff; visibility in the community via centre activities can lead to public relations opportunities; and reduced stress by employees relating to work/life issues improves employee productivity.

How SRIS will ensure consistent quality across the city?

Providing high-quality child care is the foundation upon which SRIS is built. Working closely with some of the nation’s most respected employers, we have developed and implemented a baseline of operational performance standards and expectations to ensure our programs achieve the highest levels of quality. Our standard baseline includes numerous quality control measures such as standards from corporate’s, and from American National Standards Institutions (ANSI), annual parent satisfaction surveys, ongoing risk management and quarterly evaluations, facility development focusing on safety and security, and ongoing teacher training in collaboration with Teaching Strategies of the Cities.

Can SRIS create a program that will reflect. Our company culture?

Understanding our clients and their culture starts well before our first day of caring for their children. Our Client Services Manager seek to understand a prospective client’s needs and goals before beginning discussion of what services we offer. These Managers are supported by our Corporate Services, Operations, Architectural, Facilities, Risk Management and Financial teams, each of which can be brought in to lend expertise. We know that no single answer is right for every organization. We believe that learning about our prospective clients is the best foundation for successfully identifying and implementing child care programs that are reflective of the values and culture of their unique company.