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Answers That Take You inside Shree Ram International School and Daycare Center :

You want to know about our facility, the amenities we offer your child, our rules and regulations, and our safety and security procedures. Step inside SRIS and you’ll know you’re in an environment where your child will be safe to learn and develop. Our rooms are carefully planned to make learning fun and allow the freedom to play and explore.

Our equipment, furniture and materials include the following:

FURNITURE FOR CARE, PLAY AND LEARNING: Includes basic furniture for eating, napping, storage; play and learning areas; and specific items to facilitate age-appropriate play.

FURNISHINGS FOR RELAXATION AND COMFORT: Includes furnishings and materials that contribute to the softness and comfort of our environment.

GROSS MOTOR EQUIPMENT: Materials and equipment used for active outdoor play like swings, slides, tunnels, parachute, rings, balls, etc.

LANGUAGE AND REASONING: Materials for building a literacy-rich environment including a varied selection of books and language stimulating activities.

FINE MOTOR – A variety of materials in 3 different categories are small building toys, manipulative, puzzles.

ART – A wide selection of materials in all categories: drawing and paint materials, 3-D materials, collage materials, and art tools.

CONSUMABLES – Basic stock of paper, paint, glue, and related arts and crafts materials that will need to be restocked periodically.

Music and Dance- Rhythms and sound materials, music player.

Blocks – Building toys and props made from different materials. Building blocks are larger than table toy blocks and does not interlock will be used each day.

Sand/Water – year-round refined sand and water play.

Dramatic Play – A wide variety of dramatic materials and props.

Nature/Science – Materials to stimulate all the senses and teach about the natural world through discovery and exploration activities.

Math/Number – Developmentally appropriate math materials include hands-on manipulative that teach skills related to quantity, size, and shape.

Facilities include :

View Live through our school app Entire Building is CCTV Surveillance
New Child Settling Room Signature 5,000 Square Feet Buildings
Emergency Medical Care Toilet Training
Child Sized WC ‘s, Hand Wash Basins and Washrooms Sleep and Eating Areas
Diaper Changing Units Skating
Separate Play Areas Hand Crafted Wood Work For Interiors
Children’s Furniture And Learning Materials Smart Yoga and Meditation
Arts & Crafts Studio Mini Library
Dance & Music Studio On Stage Theatre

SRIS has a spectacular, educationally-engineered facility. And a stimulating curriculum that greets your child in a variety of enrichment rooms throughout the day.

Learning Centers: Each SRIS centre has 6 to 8 Learning Centre with specific learning objectives. These colorful centers provides children all the tools and aids which foster their all round development. From puzzles, blocks, flash cards to hammer set, beads- the place is equipped with innovative teaching aids.

Creativity Center: This is the place where the talents of children are discovered and honed. Music sessions, dance classes, craft workshops and painting sessions are conducted in this beautifully set center.

Science Corner: Teachers conduct experiments on water and air, explain the phenomenon of magnetism and such basic scientific facts .This helps in developing a scientific attitude and a questioning mind in little ones.

Audio Visual Room: In this spacious room with smart boards, every concept is given the shape of virtual reality. Not only concepts, children indulge in fun with friends watching Pogo, Dora, and Barney, Bob the Builder, Noddy or their favorite flicks like Hanuman.

Dramatic Play House: Probably the most beautiful room for children. Variety of kitchen equipment, theater station, dolls, their bed and the whole set up of a house gives the child the opportunity to do role play with their peer group and learn social interaction.

Trampoline, Merry-go-round: The school has a well designed play area where children spent their quality time in order to develop their gross motor skills.

Auditorium: Since stage exposure for every child is the uniqueness of the curriculum of SRIS, a auditorium with a small stage with microphone is an integral part of all the facilities.

Splash Pool: A child friendly baby pool is the most enjoyed facility in summers. The pool is maintained very well to take care of hygiene and safety of children.

Ball Pool: Covered with mirrors from three sides, the room is stuffed with ball of myriad colours. Children love to throw the balls at each other, lie down, jump and simply be themselves.

New Child Settling Zone: This room is beautifully decorated with large cut outs of animals, flowers and cartoon characters so that new children enjoy and get attracted towards their first school. New kids are welcomed in this room for initial days till they become comfortable. Special activities to engross them and develop a relation with the teachers are organized here.