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Nutrition and Meals

  • For details on Meals, Snacks, Health Drinks & Juices included in the Fee structure, please refer to SRIS’s Client Services Manager
  • Parents need to give any special food instruction for infant / toddler
  • Parents need to send baby food and give instruction to the supervisor about quantity and time interval of food to be given to the child
  • Food Menu has been prepared taking the nutritional value and in consultation with a diatrician
  • All staff involved in food preparation and serving to wear gloves and aprons
  • Drinking water quality certificate must be obtained every quarter

Food Preparation

Our Food Preparation Specialists are trained in the safe handling, preparation and storage of foods and are constantly monitored to ensure safe nutritious meals. Meal times are designed to promote good eating habits, and are pleasant social and learning experiences for the children. Teachers do not eat with their groups and assist their children to eat. Infants are held while feeding. Toddlers are encouraged to feed themselves. All eating utensils, chairs and tables are sized appropriately for each age group. Our tables’ height may be adjusted proportionately, and they are easily cleaned. SRIS works with in-house nutritionists to make sure that our menus are nutritionally wholesome.

No hot drinks of any kind are allowed around children; electrical outlets are plugged with outlet caps; appliances are out of reach of children; temperature of the hot water at sinks will not scald, and food temperature is monitored to prevent burns.