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Full Transportation Service

Transportation Facility Available : to pick and drop children on a daily basis from homes, schools, offices. This is not a carpool service. Parents interested in a car pool with other parents must do so on a personal basis only.

Transportation Standards

  • Smoking is prohibited by the driver in vehicles used to transport children
  • Driver is not allowed to talk to the children and parents
  • Parents need to be informed if they have any questions they must call the Centre, and not the driver and transport caretaker
  • Driver and caretaker is not allowed to give the vehicle cell phone number to the parent
  • Driver is not allowed to put diesel when the children are in the car
  • Fixed Route is documented. All travel routes has to be planned in advance. If route change required get prior written approval from the Centre Head. The timings will then be communicated to the parents
  • Emergency contact information maintained of all the children and staff in a file to be carried by the caretaker, and kept at the front desk
  • Pre Trip and Post Trip checklist has to be marked by transportation caretaker/driver
  • Children prohibited from drinking, standing, or other dangerous or distractive activities during transportation
  • Infants must have a car seat provided by the parents
  • Children will never be left unattended in a vehicle, even for brief periods.
  • Drivers open the door, and safely escort the child out of and into the vehicle only when the authorized drop and pick up is at the door vehicle. Driver remains in the vehicle with the car door locked till this person arrives.
  • The parent or guardian is responsible for the supervision of the child prior to leaving the child on the car
  • Children should be transported properly in a seat belt, car seat, or booster seat. Children cannot sit on the lap of the transport caretaker.
  • If a child is absent without prior notification from the parent, the center has a procedure to notify the parent or guardian that the child has not arrived as expected
  • Parents are required to contact the centre if their child will be absent and when to restart the transport
  • Only insured, licensed, well-maintained vehicles are used to transport children. Insurance and other necessary permits example pollution control are all updated.
  • A first aid kit and list of emergency contacts for all children and adults will be in the vehicle during transportation of children.
  • A cell phone is available in case of emergency
  • Emergency plan and procedures in the event of a vehicle breakdown include notifying the centre head, and waiting in the car till help arrives. This includes a backup car/taxi. The Centre head will call parents to discuss the delay and possible arrival time.

Driver Standards

  • Drivers are legally-licensed and evidence of a safe driving record.
  • Driver informs Centre Head if his address changes so that we may again conduct an address verification and contact details
  • Drivers obeys all traffic regulations
  • Drivers will not be distracted from safe driving practices by driving not more than 40km
  • The driver familiar with the planned route ahead of time
  • To prevent distractions the driver is not permitted to talk on a cell phone or play loud music, or plug into his cell phone ear plugs.
  • If the cell phone rings the caretaker attends to it and not the driver.

Transporting Children

When transporting children, we focus first and foremost on mitigating risks to children through standardized processes and procedures:

  • Children are never left unattended in a vehicle, even for brief periods.
  • Pre Trip and Post Trip checklist marked by transport teacher
  • Our teachers keep constant watch over the children and use attendance sheets before they leave their home, on the vehicle, periodically during the transport, on the return vehicle home, and when the trip is over. A copy of the attendance sheet remains at the centre during the trip.
  • Fixed Route is documented. All travel routes are planned in advance. If the route changes, the timings will be communicated to the parents.
  • Medical first aid kit and Emergency contact information maintained of all the children and staff in a file to be carried by the transport teacher